The one about the Wikkelkinderen…

I hinted a while back that I was working on a story that was a slight deviation from my usual style of writing – and it was published today on Amsterdam Mamas – a website dedicated to parenting in the Netherlands.

The story was my story, intertwined with a fascinating story behind a painting in a castle, not too far from my house. ¬†However, the painting is significant to me. Continue reading The one about the Wikkelkinderen…


The one about the vaguebooking LUMC post

I kind of vaguebooked yesterday about what was going on and why I was at the LUMC, and also to my friends who mentioned that I didn’t sound ok with what happened yesterday – I want to reassure you I am fine. Thank you for the messages and the love xx

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The one about the perfect gift …

Warning – this post contains images of placentas. If your stomach isn’t so great, time to move along … ūüėČ

Oddly enough, this post isn’t about my poor, long suffering husband ;).

Over the years, I’ve developed a unique relationship with our research doctor, all based on the tale I told about the girls placenta. (It’s worth the click. Really). ¬†I share updates on the girls progress and catch up on the occasion we’re visiting the LUMC. Continue reading The one about the perfect gift …

The one about celebrating 3 …

Dear  Monsters,

Today you are 3. ¬†It’s not been an easy road to get you this far, ¬†fate tried to take you from us early on. ¬†You’re tough cookies though, and you fought and showed your courage from the start.

I can’t tell you life is going to be easier now you’re 3. ¬†You’ve come so far in the past 3 years, but you still have a long way to ¬†go with catching up to your peers. I know you’ll do it, but no matter what, I’m going to pick you up when you fall, and turn you in the right direction ¬†when you’re lost.

3 is tough. You guys think you’re big girls now, and I still call you my babies. ¬†You are my babies though, and you always will be. ¬†I won’t forget holding your tiny hands inside the incubators, or ¬†that first precious cuddle we had after you were born. ¬†Even though you’re big girls now, I’ll still try to cuddle both of you at the same time like used to. ¬†Just don’t wriggle too much.

The road ahead is unsure, monsters. ¬†We don’t know what the future holds for you, for us, for anyone. ¬†You can be sure that I’m going to be ¬†with you on that road, ¬†making sure that we clear any obstacles together. ¬†We’re a good team, you monsters and me. ¬† We fight together, ¬†and we ¬†charge through life ¬†like bulldozers. ¬†We’re a little crazy, but when you’ve been down our road, crazy helps us stay happy and healthy.

¬†So here’s to you, my crazy, happy, healthy little monsters. ¬†3 years has flown by, I can’t wait to see you enter your 4th year in the same way you approach life – with enthusiasm, love and a touch of craziness. xx